Fat Fingers Jim

Fat Fingers JimFat Fingers Jim is a one-man band who specializes in fingerpicked prohibition-era blues, ragtime, and jazz guitar with foot percussion, harmonica, and the occasional ukulele number. He has been playing music ever since discovering his mother’s accordion in a closet as a small child. Since then he studied piano, clarinet, saxophone, voice, and classical guitar throughout school. Originally from the Rock Island, Illinois area, Jim played with the short-lived band Hellwater, a local favorite, opening for acts such as Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, James Leg’s Black Diamond Heavies, The .357 String Band, The Hooten Hallers, and many more. He also leads his own blues trio, Blind Baggage, playing mainly western Illinois venues including an opening event for the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest. Jim has since moved to Danville, Illinois, and plays solo gigs as well as leading a new incarnation of Blind Baggage and teaching guitar in a music store in Champaign. He has participated in workshops with Mary Flower, Ernie Hawkins, Paul Rishell, Roy Book Binder, Del Rey, and many others.