The mission of the CU Folk and Roots Festival was determined in the Spring of 2008 when over 25 members of the folk arts community met at Techline Studio to discuss the possibility of a folk festival in our town. A collective voice outlined the following mission statement:

The CU Folk and Roots Festival will:

  • Promote a feeling of community
  • Create a nonpartisan, inclusive event that gathers together participants from diverse backgrounds and beliefs
  • Gather the energy and dedication of our many folk organizations into a single celebration
  • Promote the folk arts
  • Contribute to the artistic vitality of the area
  • Bring attention and business to downtown Urbana
  • Attract tourism to the greater Champaign-Urbana area
  • Expose and involve residents to varied and exciting forms of music, dance, and visual arts
  • Provide opportunities for focused, quality social interactions