Workshops 2012

2012 Festival Events – Workshops

  • Banjo Workshop with Frank Lee - Join Freight Hoppers’ banjo player Frank Lee for an overview of old-time banjo technique. Beginner to advanced players welcome!
  • Basic Jimmy Rodgers-style Yodeling Workshop - Nothing warms the heart (or frightens small animals) quite like a well-placed yodel! This unique vocalization was an important part of country music for many years and still generates considerable interest and curiosity. Workshop leader John Lilly will demonstrate the … Continue reading
  • Blues Harmonica 101 with Brandon Bailey - Join Brandon Bailey for this beginning/intermediate seminar that will cover basic rhythmic and melodic skills for playing blues style harmonica. Emphasis will be placed on tone, groove and developing musicianship. A key of C harmonica is required. Saturday, November 3rd, … Continue reading
  • Bodhrán Workshop with Dean Karres - The Bodhrán is a simple frame-drum, a skin stretched over a wooden hoop, that is played with one or more beaters or bare-handed. Most cultures develop frame-drums and there are a wide variety of instrument configurations and resulting playing styles. … Continue reading
  • Cajun Fiddle Workshop with Gina Forsyth - Do you play the fiddle? Or would like to? Is that Cajun song that you heard at the dance something you’d love to play it too? At Gina Forsyth’s workshop, she will play Cajun tunes from various styles of fiddling … Continue reading
  • Dulcimer Workshop – Mike Anderson - Aside from being a consummate storyteller, Mike plays guitar, banjo, jaw harp, noseflute, bones, and more. He is best known as an outstanding mountain dulcimer player – one of the very best in the state and indeed the entire Midwest. … Continue reading
  • Fiddle Tunes for Guitar Workshop with Robbie Fulks - Turn the tables on those fiddle tunes and make them sing on the guitar! Robbie Fulks will show you the way.
  • Finger Picking and More – Workshop with Blind Boy Paxton - Blind Boy will show three different levels of finger picking for all comers. The first third of the workshop will be basic finger picking for beginners – “dead thumb” and “alternating bass.” The second third will be for intermediate players … Continue reading
  • Guitar From Scratch with Rob Krumm - Join guitar instructor Rob Krumm from the Community Center for the Arts for the Guitar From Scratch Workshop. If you have never played the guitar before, or if you played in the past and need a quick lesson to refresh … Continue reading
  • Harmonica Workshop - It’s easy to begin to learn to play harmonica! Let Dave Witzany (left) and Doug Schroer (right) introduce you to the fundamentals of playing this fun and inexpensive instrument. The first 10 participants will receive a complimentary key of C harmonica. … Continue reading
  • Interpreting and Arranging Old Songs with Red Tail Ring - Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo, of Red Tail Ring – the Michigan-based old/new-time duo, will discuss, and demonstrate through song, approaches to playing old ballads and tunes that honor the original while taking the form in new directions.  
  • Irish Music for Beginners - Jay and Pat Landers (Donnybrook) have played traditional Irish music since 1983. Their Intro to Irish Music will include demonstrations on the piano accordion, tin whistle and bodhran drum, and some vocals; plus some recordings and comments about the music … Continue reading
  • Irish Set and Ceili Dancing - Come learn the basics of Irish Ceili and Set dancing, regarded as the equivalent of contra and square dancing in America. This energetic style of Irish uses sets and figures to progress or dance around the set.
  • Songs of Hank Williams Workshop - Country music’s greatest songwriter and performer was also a complex and enigmatic soul, as reflected in his impressive catalog of compositions and recordings. Found dead in his Cadillac in West Virginia at the age of 29, on his way to … Continue reading
  • Stomp and Scrape! Family Percussion Workshop - This workshop, led by Rhythm Queen Barb Silverman (Silver Rose), will pull together sounds from washboards, sandpaper blocks, shakers, sticks and feet into one big magical rhythm orchestra. This delightful workshop breaks things down into simple pieces, shows the similarities … Continue reading
  • Swing It! With Silver Rose - Enjoy some of America’s swing songbook with sock rhythm guitar, tasty mandolin riffs and sweet two-part harmony. Hear chestnuts from both sides, the jazz and the western swing, including Guess Who’s In Town, Sin To Tell a Lie, I’m An … Continue reading
  • Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s Creative Process - Inspiration and Collaboration: A Look at The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s Creative Process
  • Traditional Square Dance Calling with T-Claw - Throughout the workshop we will discuss and practice everything related to calling traditional Appalachian square dances that time allows for. Topics to be discussed and practiced: American folk dance history, teaching/dance instruction techniques, patter (rhyming schemes), dance format/organization/composition, organizing a … Continue reading