Mayhew the Traitor

Mayhew the TraitorFor nearly 10 years, Matthew Hobler has been making fantastic music as the lead singer and songwriter of the group Mayhew the Traitor. Their music is melodic rock, with deep textures and flowing melodies.  Matt and his wife Jeni have taken their music beyond the region, at one point moving to Nashville and touring nationally, and have recently returned to Urbana as a duo while the band was on hiatus, bringing a softer acoustic singer-songwriter folk sound to their music.  A typical Matt and Jeni “Mayhew” show will feature a mix of new original music and classic songs by Townes Van Zandt, Elliott Smith, Gram Parsons, Neil Young and more.  The duo is currently re-forming the band, which will return to the scene before the year’s end.

Friday, November 1st, 10:45pm-11:15pm
Independent Media Center
Wristband or cover