Los Condenados Huastecos

Los Condenados HuastecosLos Condenados Huastecos (the condemned huastecos) are a Chicago-based trio that specializes in the son huasteco music of Mexico’s central gulf coast region. A variant of Mexican son-one of the country’s most emblematic traditional music-types-the huasteco style is distinguished by its virtuosic fiddle playing, canorous falsetto singing, and poetic improvisation. With parallel interests in bridging grassroots connections between the arts and local Latina/o communities, Los Condenados Huastecos have performed at cultural and educational events in the Chicago area, northern Indiana, and central Illinois. The group’s members include Alex Chávez (guitarra quinta huapanguera), Carlos García (jarana), and Juan Rivera (violin) of Latin Grammy Award-nominated Sones de México.

Friday, November 1st, 6:00pm-7:15pm
Independent Media Center
Wristband or cover