Harmonica Workshop with Dave Witzany (intermediate)

For this intermediate workshop, Dave will teach some simple effects and give an introduction to the blues. If you attended the beginning workshop, you are welcome to stay for this session too. Dave will also have a petting zoo of his own harmonicas and books on the subject, so bring your questions!

If you have a C diatonic, you can bring your own harmonica  to the lesson. For those who don’t have one, there will be a limited number of free harmonicas available, as well as additional inexpensive harmonicas for purchase, thanks to assistance from Corson Music. We encourage you to come out to the workshops and try out this soulful instrument that you can carry in your pocket!

Dave has been a fan of local music since he came to the U of I in the early 80′s and has a long involvement with WEFT community radio. Mainly an audience member, he’s occasionally played harmonica with local bands like the Prairie Jam Band and the Prairie Dogs.