How to Make an Udder-Bot and Play it!


Image courtesy via CC Share-Alike 3.0 License

This workshop will discuss the history of the udder-bot and how the art of udder-bot construction has evolved to the present day. You will see how to construct the “SanbitterBot” (an udder-bot created from the Sanpellegrino Sanbitter non-alcoholic aperitif soda bottle). You hear the beautiful sound of the SanbitterBot and learn how to play it. SanbitterBots will be available for all participants for practice during the workshop and SanbitterBots will also be available for purchase after the workshop concludes.

Please note: The minimum age for participants is 12 and up. Children of all ages can attend if accompanied by a responsible adult. Sharp glass edges and boiling water!

Optional: $5 donation to cover material costs for people who want to leave with an udderbot. Everyone gets an udderbot, regardless of ability to pay!

Presenter:  David Tcheng (Udder-Bot player and maker)