For all ages 2016

Please see our schedule to find out when all these great things are happening!

  • Andrew Heathwaite - Andrew Heathwaite specializes in interactive performances for children, playing guitar and singing songs with small percussion accompaniment. His repertoire includes the best songs he can find that speak toward a world of peace, forgiveness, respect and wisdom.  
  • Cielito Lindo - Cielito Lindo performs in the styles of mariachi and Latin/American folk. A bilingual fourth generation family music group that performs a variety of Mexican and American folk music, the four young brothers and their father each sing and play multiple instruments including guitar, vihuela, … Continue reading
  • Dance Try-Its - Yes, you CAN have it all! Spend a delightful hour-and-a-half learning three different dance traditions. Irish dance with Daniel Flora Born to parents in the Foreign Service (Diplomatic Corps), Daniel Flora learned to love Irish dancing while living in Europe and … Continue reading
  • Family Dance, with Neal Schlein and the Thursday Night jammers - Bring the family along for this all-ages family dance! Neal Schlein will be our caller and the Thursday Night Lincoln Square Jam group will provide the music. A children’s librarian and transplant from Colorado, Neal loves sharing his dances with … Continue reading
  • Family Singalong, with Cielito Lindo - Sing along with the fabulous Cielito Lindo! The group performs in the styles of mariachi and Latin/American folk. A bilingual fourth generation family music group that performs a variety of Mexican and American folk music, the four young brothers and their father each sing … Continue reading
  • Friday Night: Bagpipers Welcome, Singalongs, and Other Free Stuff! - Did you know that some of the festival events are free? There is no cost to experience the thrill of the Highland Bagpipe, for example, as the Mugdock Pipers offer a traditional welcome to all, 6:00 pm Friday night at … Continue reading
  • Ginny O’Brien - Ginny O’Brien has been singing with kids most of her life, as a camp counselor, songleader and teacher. You will find her these days playing her guitar and singing with children at storytime at the Champaign Public Library. Come join … Continue reading
  • Harmonica Workshop (Beginner), with Dave Witzany - It’s easy to begin to learn to play harmonica!  Dave will lead the group using key of C diatonic 10 hole harmonicas to help you learn about the instrument and to begin playing melodies and blues. If you have a C diatonic, … Continue reading
  • Janice Del Negro - Janice M. Del Negro, PhD, is a storyteller, author, educator, and coach.  Her newest storytelling book, Folktales Aloud: Practical Tips for Playful Storytelling, was published by the American Library Association in 2014; her latest recording is Fortune’s Daughters: Ghost Tales and Folktales.  Del … Continue reading
  • Local Storyteller Showcase 2016 - The Local Teller Showcase features some of our area’s favorite tellers: Linda Dust, Mary McCormack Deka, and Erica Eis.   Linda Dust says that the stories she enjoys the most are the ones that also include music and ballads. She finds that each … Continue reading
  • Mr. Stephens - Mr. Stephens is still playing goofy songs for kids even after some of them have grown up. He saw one of them driving away from Urbana High School the other day. Lucky there are still kids in the Kindergarten classrooms. … Continue reading
  • Sea Chantey Sing, with Chris Maden - Join chanteyman Chris Maden and some of the regulars from the Chambana Chantey Sing for an open song session. We’ll sing chanteys (sailors’ work songs) and forebitters (recreational songs), songs of the oceans and inland waterways, songs of fishing, of … Continue reading
  • Singalong with the Women of Early Country Music, with Hilary Valentine and Rebecca Grosser - Here’s your chance to sing along with the great women of early country music. Acoustic instruments are welcome. When not otherwise occupied, Hilary plays with the Young and the Fretless and regularly leads singalongs and playalongs around town. Rebecca performs with … Continue reading
  • Thunder Medicine - As part of Native American Heritage Month, the Native American House at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is sponsoring a very special performance at this year’s C-U Folk and Roots Festival. Regina Tsosie (Navajo) and Larry Lockwood (Northern Cheyenne) are the … Continue reading