For all ages 2015

Bones, Jugs, & Harmony family show 2014

  • Amigos Family Show: Adventures in America’s Musical Landscape - Featuring the music of Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, and more, this concert addresses the distinctive styles of American folk music. We’ll follow songs across oceans and mountains and through cities as people migrate throughout the country. Expect joyous grooves, accordion-spirited … Continue reading
  • Anne Shimojima, Featured Storyteller Performance - A retired elementary library media specialist, Anne Shimojima has performed literary stories, historical pieces, and folk tales from her Asian heritage and around the world for the past 30+ years. A Teller-in-Residence at the International Storytelling Center in 2014, she … Continue reading
  • Barb Silverman and Colby Maddox - Acclaimed as a “stunning vocalist, master teacher, and folk festival in a box,” Barbara Silverman has performed for three decades solo and with The Laketown Buskers, The Teflons, The Schticklers and Silver Rose. Appearances include Prairie Home Companion, Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago … Continue reading
  • Campfire Open Sea Chantey Sing with Chris Maden - Join chanteyman Chris Maden and some of the regulars from the Chambana Chantey Sing for an open song session. We’ll sing chanteys (sailors’ work songs) and forebitters (recreational songs), songs of the oceans and inland waterways, songs of fishing, of … Continue reading
  • Campfire Singalong with Rebecca Grosser and Hilary Valentine - Join old-time musicians Rebecca Grosser (guitar) and Hilary Valentine (mountain dulcimer) to sing songs of the Carter Family – the “First Family of Country Music,” including “Keep on the Sunny Side,” “Storms Are On The Ocean,” “I’m Thinking Tonight of … Continue reading
  • Dance Try-Its - Yes, you CAN have it all! Spend a delightful hour-and-a-half learning three different dance traditions. Irish dances with Daniel Flora Born to parents in the Foreign Service (Diplomatic Corps), Daniel Flora learned to love Irish dancing while living in Europe and … Continue reading
  • Family Dance with Barb Silverman and Colby Maddox - The whole family can jump in on this one: circles, squares and contra dances (two lines) made easy and fun. Each dance will be explained step by step, and dances chosen will be simplified for young and eager dancers. We … Continue reading
  • Harmonica Workshop with Dave Witzany (beginning) - It’s easy to begin to learn to play harmonica!  Dave will lead the group using key of C diatonic 10 hole harmonicas to help you learn about the instrument and to begin playing melodies and blues.  Come at 10:30 and learn the … Continue reading
  • Local Storyteller Showcase - The Local Teller Showcase features some of Champaign-Urbana’s favorite tellers: Kim Sheahan, Kathe Brinkmann, Elaine Bearden, Linda Dust, and Camille Born. All are members of the C-U Storytelling Guild and enjoy telling to audiences of all ages. Come join the … Continue reading
  • Morris Dancers - Morris dance is a traditional dance from England that has been done for hundreds of years. There are several references to Morris dance in Shakespeare. Each village or region has its own set of dances. Come check out this unique form … Continue reading
  • Mr. Stephens and Friends - Mr. Stephens is still playing goofy songs for kids even after some of them have grown up. He saw one of them driving away from Urbana High School the other day. Lucky there are still kids in the Kindergarten classrooms. … Continue reading
  • Musical Marionettes Parade with Anne Newman - Join Anne Newman and her magical and musical marionettes on a parade that will start in the Landmark Hotel Ballroom. Can you dance as well as the marionettes? We can’t wait to see!
  • Pickin’ Illini Jam Session - Come join members of the Pickin’ Illini in an old-fashioned, pickin’-style jam! If you love to pick bluegrass, blues or folk, or just want to sing along, then pull up a chair and join us in playing through some great tunes, old … Continue reading
  • Ukulele Workshop (all ages) with Steve Meadows - Local music educator and multi-instrumentalist Steve Meadows will demonstrate and discuss the basic skills you’ll need to play the ukulele in this workshop. Topics covered include instrument anatomy/terminology, basic chord voicings, right hand techniques, and tablature. There will be about … Continue reading
  • Yiddish Dance with Don’t Ask, Mitch Harris leading - It’s like a wedding with no bride or groom! Come dance to the music of Don’t Ask, playing Klezmer music in the spirit of early Eastern Europe’s Jewish village string bands, with other surprises thrown in the mix. Klezmer music is … Continue reading