DysfunctionellsAs middle-age crisis vanity projects go, this takes the biscuit for sheer quixotic misguided willfulness.  The Dysfunctionells, struggling mightily to play above their skill level, will challenge today’s youthful audience’s capacity for empathy as they parade their decades’ worth of well-earned neuroses with no glimmer of shame.  Overshadowing the folk-grunge Whitmanesque yawp is the epic display of mental aberration, not to mention the collective misplaced and inappropriate narcissism that drives the project.  So, hey, a must-see for students of mental pathology. However, all are welcome.  Roll call:  Russell Clark–bass, Vencent Edmonds–drums, Richard Krueger–acoustic guitar, Oliver Steck–accordion, mouth organ, etc., and Vernon Tonges–electric guitar.