Del Rey

Del ReyDel Rey, from Seattle, Washington, is a complex, pianistic guitarist, described as “a combination of Bo Carter and the Andrews Sisters” (Observant Fan). Her guitar playing is influenced by country blues, stride piano, classic jazz and hillbilly boogie-all filtered through the sensibility of an autodidact trailor-park aesthete.

Del Rey is fascinated with the ukulele and plays the same kind of complicated rhythmic blues and ragtime on four strings as she does on six. She expects a lot out of the little instrument, and usually gets it. “The ukulele taken to a new level of musicianship”. (John Book)

Her live show is full of complex grooves and sly humor. “Virtuosic in just the right way, which is to say, in order to realize a musical idea. A very nice unlikely blend of things, accessible, slightly nostalgic, but fresh and thoughtful. ” (CD Baby review, “At The Ukeshack #1)

Photo by Ken Ficara

Friday, November 1st, 9:15pm-10:30pm
Independent Media Center
Wristband or cover
Generously co-sponsored by the Prairie Crossroads Blues Society

Saturday, November 2nd, 9:30pm-10:45pm
Iron Post
Wristband or cover