Dances 2015

Don't Ask plays for Yiddish dancing 2014

  • Cedric Watson and Les Amis Creole - Cedric Watson is one of the brightest young talents to emerge in Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco (Louisiana French) music over the last decade. He is a four-time Grammy-nominated fiddler, singer, accordionist, and songwriter, and we’re thrilled to have him and Les Amis Creole joining … Continue reading
  • Contra Dance with Allos Musica Ensemble and the Mean Lids, Rachel Shapiro calling - Allos Musica Ensemble will perform a set of contra dance music, led by accordionist Jeremiah McLane, a highly regarded contra dance musician who has played around the globe with ensembles such as The Clayfoot Strutters and Nightingale. For their set, … Continue reading
  • Dance Try-Its - Yes, you CAN have it all! Spend a delightful hour-and-a-half learning three different dance traditions. Irish dances with Daniel Flora Born to parents in the Foreign Service (Diplomatic Corps), Daniel Flora learned to love Irish dancing while living in Europe and … Continue reading
  • Family Dance with Barb Silverman and Colby Maddox - The whole family can jump in on this one: circles, squares and contra dances (two lines) made easy and fun. Each dance will be explained step by step, and dances chosen will be simplified for young and eager dancers. We … Continue reading
  • Morris Dancers - Morris dance is a traditional dance from England that has been done for hundreds of years. There are several references to Morris dance in Shakespeare. Each village or region has its own set of dances. Come check out this unique form … Continue reading
  • Square Dance with Can I Get An Amen, Phil Jamison calling - Can I Get an Amen is a few good friends who love to get funky. The band started playing in Chicago in 2010, and recorded its first full length album in 2013. The guys play for all kinds of shows, dances, weddings, and gigs … Continue reading
  • Swing It! With the New Orleans Jazz Machine - The New Orleans Jazz machine is a Traditional/Dixieland jazz band that began over 20 years go. At the 2015 festival the band will feature the following musicians: Carl Johnson, clarinet/soprano sax; Brighten Godfrey, trumpet; Barry Wagner, trombone; Ernie Hoffman, piano; Josh … Continue reading
  • Yiddish Dance with Don’t Ask, Mitch Harris leading - It’s like a wedding with no bride or groom! Come dance to the music of Don’t Ask, playing Klezmer music in the spirit of early Eastern Europe’s Jewish village string bands, with other surprises thrown in the mix. Klezmer music is … Continue reading